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Advisory Board Committee – The Advisory Board Committee is responsible for bringing together an advisory board that consists of high-profile media persons and key supporters and sponsors of the organization. The committee shall keep the advisory board abreast of the activities, needs and key issues affecting the organization. It shall also pursue methods for keeping those supporters involved and interested in the welfare of the organization. The objectives of the Advisory Board are: 1) to monitor long-range progress of the organization with respect to its strategic plan; 2) to identify sources of funding and review grant proposals; 3) to assist the Board of Directors in identifying, hiring and managing the executive director and 4) to formalize the organization’s relationship with major corporate sponsors.

Communications The Communications Committee promotes AABJ’s activities to the news media, the community and our membership. The committee works with each committee to provide external publicity for its activities and internal communication to the membership through the organization’s newsletter, web site, television program and e-mail network. It is also responsible for the creation all of the organization’s marketing and collateral materials.

Community Relations The Community Relations Committee strives to educate members of the community about their roles as media consumers and how to use the media effectively to achieve their own goals and objectives. The committee coordinates meetings with newsmakers in order to establish viable contacts between them and the membership. The committee also acts as an outreach arm to establish a visible image in the community for the organization.

Finance Committee The Finance Committee works with the president and the treasurer to monitor the organization’s financial health and ensure the proper financial controls are in place. It develops for approval by the Board of Directors, and carries out Board approved activities designed to raise money to support the treasury and operation of the organization and each of its committees. It also coordinates the commercial sales and underwriting activities for the organization’s marketable products, including but not limited to the newsletter, Web site and television program.

Membership The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting new members, retaining current members and reclaiming former members. The committee also coordinates the logistics of the monthly general membership meetings.

The Byline The Byline Committee is responsible for the professional production, distribution and marketing of the chapter’s newsletter. It also works to ensure the publication serves as a development vehicle for aspiring print journalists.

Professional Development The Professional Development Committee promotes and enhances the professional growth of AABJ members and promotes and encourages journalistic talent among high school and college students through discussions, training, education, workshops, seminars, fellowships and other media activities.

Public Relations The Public Relations Committee consists of members of AABJ who practice in the public relations field. They will make sure that AABJ is presented in a positive public light; come up with PR strategies; build relationships with media and other organizations; and create press releases.

Television The Television committee is responsible for the professional production and broadcast of the chapter’s news and public affairs television program, IN CONTACT. It also works to ensure the program serves as a development vehicle for aspiring broadcast journalists.

Website Committee The Website Committee is responsible for the professional production and maintenance of the chapter’s Web site. Income from the web site benefits the organization’s operating account. It also works to ensure the site serves as a development vehicle for aspiring new media journalists.


Awards The Awards Committee plans and coordinates the annual Pioneer Black Journalist Awards to recognize outstanding journalistic talent from within AABJ’s ranks and from the community at large. Committee responsibilities include soliciting and receiving entries for the awards, coordinating judging of the awards, announcing the awards winners and coordinating the nomination and selection of the Pioneer Black Journalist of the Year and the AABJ Volunteer of the Year.

Conventions Committee The Conventions Committee coordinates the organization’s role and involvement in the regional and national conventions of the NABJ and ensures maximum exposure, recognition, networking and professional growth opportunities for our chapter and its membership.

Scholarship Committee The Scholarship Committee promotes and encourages Black journalistic talent through scholarship grants and awards to high school and college students. The committee is responsible for organizing and maintaining a scholarship program and awarding scholarships to students pursuing degrees in journalism and related fields.


Student Liaison The Student Liaison acts as an adviser and liaison to the Student Chapter. This person advises and counsels the student members, assists in the coordination of their chapter activities and assist them in maintaining close ties with the professional chapter.